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In Person & Online

Our main monthly meeting is called Bi Talky Space and we run it the first Wednesday of every month.

It's held over Zoom from 7.30pm - typically about 15 people come along and we finish up around 9.30pm. The first half-hour is a 'new member's space' so you don't get the feeling of walking into a room full of people who all know one another.

To come along drop us a line.

That's the best place to start and get to know people - we also hold meet-ups in pubs and coffee shops though the dates are not quite as regular.

And since 2019 we have a regular Bi Book Group meeting on Zoom every two months.

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Am I Bi Enough?

As bi people, there are two questions so many of us seem to have wrestled with. The first is: Am I bisexual? It's closely tied to the realisation: "so everyone else doesn't feel this way too?"

The second question we often face is: Am I bisexual enough?

Bisexuality has a long history of either being completely erased and denied, or being presented as being only real if you meet some kind of "perfect 50%-50%" divide between attraction to women and to men. At the same time implying you could only fancy men and women, and never find anyone else like intersex or genderqueer people attractive.

So far as we're concerned, we're not worried about the ratios. If you're a 50-50 bisexual or a 90-10, you're plenty bi enough for us. 30-40-30? Neat. And if some days you feel like it adds up to more than 100, or barely makes it to ten, that's all good too.

If you're attracted to people of more than one gender, if bisexual or other related words like omnisexual, polysexual or pansexual seem the best fit for how you feel about other people: welcome aboard.
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Questions about coming along

My family / partner doesn't know about my sexuality. Will I have to come out?
No - it's a confidential space. Who attends and what is said remains anonymous.
I'm a bit scared and not sure where I'm going - can someone meet me beforehand?
For our Zoom meets that shouldn't be a problem! With in-person socials it depends on volunteer availability, but we can sometimes arrange this. Let us know in plenty of time if you can to be met somewhere familiar like at a train station.
My partner and I want to find a third person to join us in bed - will we find someone at BiPhoria?
Probably not, that's not what the group is about. Many of the people at the group are in monogamous relationships, or choosing not to sleep with anyone - so chances are they won't welcome your advances!
What's this about new members space?
We know it can be intimidating for some people to go into a meeting where everyone seems to know each other already. So from 7.30pm to 8pm there's a new members space where you can find out basic things about the group, bisexuality and the bi community, and ask any questions you may have.

What actually happens at a Talky Space meeting?
After new members' space the group kicks off with brief introductions. We ask our name, where you are from, any bi things on your mind such as coming out to family or going to an event.

Then from about 8.30 to 9.30 we talk about any issues or questions raised in the introductions, with someone leading the discussion to make sure everyone can get a turn to speak.
Can I come along to promote my event, project or research?
No - that's not what the space is for. But if it relates to being bi, you can send us information about it to share with attendees.

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