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Getting Bi

Our pocket guide to coming out and staying out as bisexual.

It's based on what people ask about most often when they first get in touch with us.

Things like coming out to family, friends and workmates, whether you're bisexual enough to be allowed to call yourself bi, bi history, and other bis telling their stories.

Now in its fourth edition launched in October 2019 - with more pages and refreshed and updated content. It's great to read for yourself, to stock in leaflet racks or giving to a friend. a Gay / Straight World

Mental Health Report

Our Stories

We published this handout about bisexuality & mental health in 2010.

This is mostly aimed at service providers, and was written following some training work we did with the NHS based on the experiences of people who attend the group.

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When I told my therapist that I was bisexual and that I was having trouble finding a place in society where I fit in, he assumed I wanted help to become straight. He referred me for CBT to 'cure' me. I didn't feel any more confident about my sexuality.

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Bi Life report
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Bi Life in Manchester

This was a research publication we released in 2003.

It was based on qualitative interviews with bisexual people living around the city of Manchester, about their experiences and needs across a range of work, life and public policy areas.

Its approach of breaking down issues raised by policy area was copied for The Bisexuality Report in 2012, which brings together research about bisexuality in the UK.

Further Reading

bi community news magazine
Bi Community News
Quarterly magazine full of bi news, research and representation direct to your letterbox.

Bi Books

Our bimonthly bi book group has read a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles that you might be interested in. They include:

  • The Bisexual's Guide To The Universe: Quips, Tips and Lists for those who go both ways (Michael Szymanski and Nicole Kristal)
  • The Life and Death of Sophie Stark (Anna North)
  • Bi: The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality (Julia Shaw)
  • The Better Liar (Tanen Jones)
  • Orlando (Virginia Woolf)
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