BiPhoria: Bisexual Space and Voice since 1994

Britain's longest running bi group

We run social-support spaces for people ages 18 and up who are attracted to people of more than one gender.

We started meeting in September 1994 and have been getting together regularly ever since.

That's a lot of meetings - in person or online at least once a month for more than 28 years.

It doesn't matter if you are bi-curious or bi-certain!

Or whether your preferred word for it is bi, pan, polysexual, omni or something else.

If you are questioning your orientation and could use a space to talk it over where better than a bunch of people who have been through the same thing?

Group Space

BiPhoria is open to people from all walks of life and to those who are bi curious or discreet about their sexual orientation as well as those who are comfortably "out".

We ask that everyone respects confidentiality within the group. That means that you don't share with people outside the group things like who goes there or link back to them the things that they say.

While the group is a bi space, you can bring a friend along for support the first time you come to the group, and non-bi partners and friends are welcome to join us on our social nights.

Note that the "First Wednesday" talky space meeting is a peer support group and a rare space for bi+ people to talk about their experiences of being bi and of biphobia, so if you want to promote your project, fundraise your good cause or recruit participants for your research, send us details to share in announcements rather than coming along in person.

the big bi+ umbrella
  • There are a host of labels under the 'bi umbrella' - bi, pan, omni, multi or polysexual and romantic.
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You're not alone

One of the hardest things about being bi is isolation.

Often we already know other bi people - we just don't realise it yet!

Even these days, coming out can be scary.

Join us and meet other bi people to gain the confidence you need to come out - to family, friends, work colleagues, and most important yourself.

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Meet & Talk

What We Do

Talky Space
...the best place to start making new bi+ friends in and around Manchester.
Outreach Stalls Prides and other community events like LGBT+ conferences and events.
Guest Speakers
...for workplaces, LGBT History Month events or marking Bi Visibility Day.
Social Meets
...once you have made friends at Talky Space, meet up and keep in touch with them all through the year.
Publications about coming out and staying out, bi experience of health services, and bi people's needs in Manchester.
Pride Marches
...join us on parade - which ones we attend varies from year to year and from Chester to Carlisle.

Visibly Bi

The first Bi Visibility Day was marked on 23 September 1999 and we have celebrated the date every year. For several years the city council have let us put up a banner on the side of Sackville Gardens facing onto Canal Street. It reads: "This banner's on the fence. Bisexuals aren't."
Taking a potshot as biphobic nonsense many of us have heard - and helping to start conversaations.
For 2023, Manchester city council are no longer allowing us to do that - thankfully Kampus stepped in.

What attendees say

Taking to the streets

"2 years since I first went to BiPhoria! I've made some lovely friends, had some brilliant discussions and drunk lots of beer!

"Love that going to the group has given me the opportunity to march in the Manchester Pride Parade for the last 2 years as well"

Making friends

"Without BiPhoria I don't know how I'd have made friends in Manchester, I wouldn't have gotten involved in all the activism I have, I wouldn't have been nearly as confident and happy in my bisexual skin as I am.     

"And I know there's dozens and hundreds of other people BiPhoria has helped in the same kinds of ways, over all those years."

How do they do it?

"Whatever kind of government we have, whatever kind of economy we have, there's never been any money in bisexual activism or organisations.

"It's amazing that BiPhoria has done as well as it has, for as long as it has. Here's to more, hopefully better-funded, good work from BiPhoria!"