BiPhoria: Bisexual Space and Voice since 1994
Happy New Year! Here’s to 2024!
The last few years have been tough for a lot of us - here's hoping 2024 will give us a break! Bi Community News magazine has its annual "wrap up of the bi year" story here. In 2024 we will celebrate our 30th year as a bi group. BiPhoria started back in 1994 after a national bisexual conference, where people from the existing women's and men's bi groups came together and considered a new joint project. In doing so they recognised that it was a little strange to have people for whom gender was not the delineating factor in their attraction to meet solely in gendered groups, and that binary gendered groups meant a number of potential members didn't really have a group where they could be comfortable. The gendered groups died away over time - closing down by around 1998 - and new projects like our campaign group came to replace them.

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