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BiPhoria is first and foremost a social and discussion group for bisexual people and those questioning their sexual orientation who think they might be bi.

However we also do speaker and stall outreach, research, publications, and give input to public policy consultations where appropriate - work that helps in the wider cause of bisexual liberation and equality.

Getting Bi in a Gay/Straight World

A pocket-sized guide to coming out and staying out, as distributed to venues across Greater Manchester and beyond including many Pride stalls. Based on our experiences - the collective wisdom of hundreds of hours of BiPhoria!

You can read it on issuu, as a Flickr stream here, or order a printed copy if you prefer. We offer bulk orders of 20 copies (good for LGBT centre leaflet racks, Pride stalls and bi awareness events) - contact us for larger orders if for example you want 100, 250 or 500 copies.

Get your copy!

Bisexuality & Mental Health

We have published a handout about bisexuality & mental health.

This is mostly aimed at service providers, and was written following some work we did with the NHS in 2010. Download it as a pdf here.

Bisexual Life in Manchester

A 'bisexual needs assessment' report from qualitative research we did with the Manchester LGBT Local Strategic Partnership in 2003.

Download the pdf summary here.

BiCon Survey: 2013

Each year at the largest bi event of the year, BiCon, a survey is conducted of attendees. In previous years the results have been published by BiBlio and BiUK but this role passed to us for 2013.

Download the pdf here.