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BiPhoria is a social & support group for bisexual people in and around Manchester - and those who think they may be bi.

We meet regularly in a community centre in the middle of the city, and have other meet-ups between the main monthly group sessions.

The main group meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, from 730 sharp, at the LGF, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester M1 3HF. Directions here.


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Is BiPhoria for you?

BiPhoria is open to people from all walks of life and to those who are bi curious or discreet about their sexual orientation as well as those who are comfortably "out".

We ask that everyone respects confidentiality within the group. That means that you don't share with people outside the group things like who goes there and things that they say.

While the group is a bi space, you can bring a friend along for support the first time you come to the group, and non-bi partners and friends are welcome to join us in the pub after the group meeting (from about 9.30) or on our social nights.



In October 2012 we produced a video version of Getting Bi - see below! And at the start of 2013 it came out in Spanish (see the Publications page).

Getting Bi - in a gay / straight world
As part of LGBT History Month 2011, on Tuesday, 15 February we launched our new publication "Getting Bi in a Gay/Straight World".
It is a pocket guide to coming out and staying out as bi, 24 colourful A6 pages long. You can pick it up at venues across Manchester, read it as a Flickr stream online, download it as a pdf document or order a copy online (we have to charge a little as we have no funding for the postage)
Get your copy!



For the latest bi news and events across the UK we suggest you take a look at


We're adding Google+ to our web presence shortly!


We recommend Bi Community News magazine as well - all the bisexuality your letterbox can take!

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