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BiPhoria is the UK's longest-running bi organisation - we celebrated our 25th birthday in the summer of 2019.

Since 1994 we've met at least once every month, more often several times a month, making a space to meet other bi people, share stories and make new friends.


Coronavirus Update

Like other groups, for the present we are meeting online only. Most of our meetings are happening over Zoom and they include daily lunchtime hangouts as well as evenings of chatter, film watching and game playing.

Email us on bis@biphoria.org.uk for details of the next online meetings.


Bi Space

Our main monthly meet is a social & support group for bisexual people - and those who think they may be bi. Or other labels under the bi umbrella - pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, multi etc.

We also have other meet-ups between the main monthly group sessions.

Outside of pandemics, the main group meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, from 7.30pm sharp, at the LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester M1 3HF. Naturally that's not happening just now.


Is it for you?

BiPhoria is open to people from all walks of life and to those who are bi curious or discreet about their sexual orientation as well as those who are comfortably "out".

We ask that everyone respects confidentiality within the group. That means that you don't share with people outside the group things like who goes there and things that they say.

While the group is a bi space, you can bring a friend along for support the first time you come to the group, and non-bi partners and friends are welcome to join us in the pub after the group meeting (from about 9.30) or on our social nights.

Here are answers to some common questions about the group and what happens at the main monthly meetings.


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Bi Voice

We also offer bi speakers for events and panels, in person or (as now) online. Drop us a line if you are looking for a bi speaker!